Who Are Presbyterian Women?

Presbyterian Women (PW) is a national organization that is open to all women of the PC(USA). PW is the mission and ministry organization of women across the church who share a rich and exciting heritage. PW seeks to involve women of all racial and ethnic groups so that the organization reflects a vision for the whole church as a community of mutual interdependence in which diversity contributes to wholeness. All women of the church are considered to be members of PW.

Chloe Wells Circle embodies our congregation's formal connection to PW of the PC(USA). The Circle meets monthly from September through May on the third Friday at 12:30 p.m. Our gatherings include dessert or potluck luncheons, conversation, devotions, sharing of concerns and varied programs. Through the circle we pledge financial support to our Presbytery and Churchwide PW mission efforts. All women are welcome to participate in our fellowship and to support our work for Christ's mission on earth. Moderator: Fran Bellman Co-Moderator: Johnnie Valdes

PWCT (Coordinating Team) is a representative body of the women in our congregation. PWCT is responsible for planning the Spring and Fall Gatherings, the Holiday Fair, and the World Day of Prayer. We serve as the connecting link between our church and the PW Churchwide, PW in the Synod, and PW in the Presbytery. We work most directly with the women's groups in our own congregation. PWCT also bestows the Honorary Life Membership Award to exemplary women leaders in our congregation. Moderator: Marcy Loats