Planned Giving

A planned gift is a form of charitable giving made traditionally as a part of your estate planning.  Since estate planning is the process of managing your accumulated assets for the present and future, a planned gift is included in a written statement of your overall intentions for your resources.  A planned gift may be a part of your expression of your deepest values and an extension of spiritual practice.  Through such an act of stewardship you can create the kind of legacy you would like to leave at First Presbyterian Church.  Planned gifts take many forms, some of the most popular being a gift conveyed in a will or a charitable gift annuity. You can also use an IRA or an insurance policy to make a planned gift.

The Joseph Fund

The story of Joseph demonstrates his good judgment of stewardship to prepare for difficult times.  Through his wisdom, he was able to ensure that people had enough to sustain them in times of abundance and through times of want.  

We have developed a second fund that will provide support to our Church in the manner of Joseph.  It will allow FPC to save funds for immediate challenges or opportunities.  Examples of these may be equipment needs for our church facility or for a special opportunity for our youth program.  The money is intended to be spent as determined by the Session and will be continuously spent and regenerated through the needs and generosity of the church.

Making a Bequest

There are a variety of ways in which you might make a charitable gift to First Presbyterian Church as part of planned giving.  The most popular types of planned gifts are a gift made by bequest in a will.  A bequest allows you to control your assets now – and to benefit FPC in the future.  If you already have a will, a simple amendment to it will suffice. If you don't have a will, now is a good time to be proactive and create a will that reflects your spiritual values.  The following are illustrations of some of the common types of bequest you can make in your will:

  • I give $ _______ [or __% of my estate] to First Presbyterian Church of Granville, for its General Endowment Fund (or for any other Endowment Fund).
  • After all of the foregoing bequests have been fulfilled, I give the residue and remainder of my estate to First Presbyterian Church of Granville for its General Endowment Fund (or for any other Endowment Fund).
  • In the event none of my children are still living, I give, devise, and bequeath the residue and remainder of my estate to First Presbyterian Church of Granville for its General Endowment Fund (or for any other Endowment Fund).

While the First Presbyterian Church Stewardship Committee members will be pleased to assist you in considering a gift to the church, the information they provide, and the information in this brochure are not intended as legal or financial advice.  You should consult your own legal counsel and/or professional financial advisor to ensure that your charitable gifts are appropriate for your tax and financial situation.

The Solomon Endowment Fund

Solomon was the great Old Testament king who was known for his wisdom.  He built the Temple in Jerusalem that lasted for hundreds of years and became the center of the Jewish faith. As such, we think it’s the perfect namesake for our endowment.

As an endowment fund, it will be invested in accordance with investment policies adopted by the Session to assure both long-term preservation of principal and a predictable source of income for the intended purpose.  

First Presbyterian Church has developed an endowment to which a bequest or other planned gift can be directed to specific areas of need:

General Endowment Fund

Includes all unrestricted endowment gifts given to First Presbyterian Church. Proceeds provide support to the work of the Church as interpreted and allocated by the sitting Session.

Mission Endowment

Provides funding for mission giving and other benevolences directed to programs within and beyond the congregation.

Building Endowment

Provides funding for the maintenance and renewal of the Church’s building and grounds.

Education Endowment

Funds the Church’s educational programs and ministries.

Worship & Arts Endowment

Provides funds to support the Church’s worship, music and other arts.