In the PC(USA) there are three offices that are part of God's calling for leadership in the church, Ruling Elders, Teaching Elders (or pastors), and Deacons.

Beyond these formalized offices there are other vital positions in the church (staff, lay leaders, etc.) where God's call is present and without which the church could not function.
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The Nominating Committee works within our community to help discern God's call for leadership.

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Leading the care ministries of the church

Moderator: Brian Gregory.

Class of 2017: Juliet Connolly, Brian Gregory, Judy McNeish, Hugh Price.

Class of 2018: Sandy Darfus, Janine Flood, Suzy Henry, Chris Renaud.


Governing the church

Jane Wilken - Clerk of Session
Anastasia Anderson - Adult Education
John Weigand - Discernment
Pat Dean - Finance  
Brad Hyslop - Membership
Robin Brown - Mission
Mike Schmidt - Mission
Allison Owen - Nominating
Anne Peterson - Personnel
Tom Martin - Stewardship
Greg Phlegar - Worship and Music
Sara Light - Worship and Music
Mark Atchison - Youth and Children
Bill Knobeloch - Youth and Children
Jessica VonZastrow - Youth and Children


Education & Music