Update on Staffing and Budget Changes

We’re slowly adjusting to the changes we made in staffing due to the pledge shortfall. Those who attended the annual meeting learned of Session’s decisions:  

  • to decrease Janice Hilkerbaumer’s hours in her position as Parish Associate;
  • to decrease Susan Lamson’s hours in the office;
  • to eliminate Barbee Lamp’s position assisting Christian Education;
  • to lessen the hours Patty Hussey serves as Business Manager;
  • to decrease Jeanne Kern’s hours as Housekeeper, and to decrease the number of hours of paid childcare.

These were difficult decisions, not made lightly... 

Virtually every ministry area was reduced as well, but the Session worked thoughtfully and prayerfully, and in such a way that our core ministries can continue and even thrive. In spite of these challenges, the mood of the Annual Meeting was upbeat, reflecting the energy, hope, gratitude and confidence of the congregation. We keep seeing  signs of God working among us, and we’ll seek the Spirit’s leading.