Finance Report

Through February, overall income is 7% ahead of plan while expenses for the first two months are at 98% of budget.  Pledges are at 103% of budgeted giving through the end of February. While these results are encouraging, please continue to keep in mind that we are anticipating needing to support our 2016 giving with monies from our cash holding (working capital). That said, for every month that our expenses are at or below budget and our income exceeds our expenses, we avoid having to use our working capital. The Finance Committee and Session are monitoring this closely.

February 29, 2016                            YTD Actual                   YTD Budget

                                Income               $123,578.28                $115,558.00

                                Expenses             $115,475.51                $117,658.00

Thank you for your continued prayerful giving.  If you have any questions, please contact Pat Dean or Patty Hussey at the church office.