A Day With Eric Whitacre

This past Saturday, March 30, Joy Hire, Carol Koch-Worrell and I attended a workshop at Capital University featuring the world renowned composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre.   We gathered at 1:00pm Saturday afternoon and did some great warm ups that Carol, Joy and I have already begun inflicting on the choirs at First Presbyterian.  After the warm ups, we dove into what is incredibly challenging and beautiful music to sing by Eric Whitacre.  Luckily for us, the Capital Chapel Choir had most of the pieces already memorized so it was a little easier to sing along.  Sight reading Eric Whitacre's music is not something you want to just do.   

The rewards of singing his music are immense.   Dissonant harmonies that somehow work together to create an almost other worldly soundscape.  The three of us had a wonderful time exposing ourselves to his music.   While his it is difficult, I would say that his harmonic world has influenced many of the composers that our choirs sing today including Dan Forrest and Craig Courtney to mention a couple.  On behalf of the music staff I want to extend a thank you to the congregation for allowing us this opportunity.