Financial Peace University

9 week Course
Sundays, 2PM - 3:30pm

January 22 - March 19
Free Childcare Available


Limited Scholarships Available
$100 Per Family Unit (Individual or Couple)
($93 First ten sign-ups)


What is Financial Peace University?
Frequently Asked Questions

Following our Fall series focusing on Money in Scripture, The Spirit moved within individuals and leadership of the church inspiring us to take our discussions about money out of the abstract, and into the practical, and personal. We thought, rather than just talking about generosity, abundance, and money, we should be actively helping people to become better stewards of their finances, to enable them to live as God intends.

With this goal in mind, we discovered Financial Peace University. Beginning January 22nd, We will be hosting the 9 week course of Financial Peace University at our church with the hope of helping you establish Financial Peace. 

Dave Ramsey's Story