What is Commitment 2018 and Beyond

Commitment 2018 and Beyond is a fundraising initiative to launch endowment and reserves for First Presbyterian Church of Granville. It offers two tangible ways for our congregation to make this Church a priority and provide for its long-term wellbeing: the Solomon Endowment and the Joseph Fund.

Why are we doing it? 

FPC has been the spiritual home to many generations of families and is a place of growth, community, and comfort. In order to safeguard our Church's financial health for generations to come, we want to build financial entities that will provide for the stability and long-term growth of our Church.  Our annual stewardship is simply not enough to provide for all the care and keeping of our Church family and facilities.

Why are we doing it now?

While we have a thriving and dedicated congregation, our annual stewardship alone is not enough to support all that our Church family and facility deserve. The time is right for us to take our Church’s future firmly in hand.

What is the Solomon Endowment? 

The Solomon Endowment is a permanent endowment funded by donor-restricted gifts, primarily estate/will bequests, given to provide a lasting source of income for the Church. The principal is invested for long-term growth and earnings, with a percentage of the total return used by the Church in keeping with the donors’ wishes. The Solomon Endowment includes five designations: General, Building and Grounds, Education and Faith Formation, Mission, and Worship and Arts. See our Solomon Endowment one-pager for more details.

What is the Joseph Fund? 

The Joseph Fund is a reserve fund set aside by the Church to pay for timely, one-time projects outside the scope of annual stewardship. Gifts to the Joseph Fund will be invested, earning interest, until the Church faces a major, unbudgeted cost or mission-/ministry-related opportunity. FPC Session will decide qualifying expenditures, currently capped at 15% annually. See our Joseph Fund one-pager for more details.

What are the initial fundraising goals of the Commitment 2018 and Beyond Initiative?

The initial goal of the Solomon Endowment is $2 million in gifts and planned gift commitments. The Joseph Fund target amount is $750,000 in gifts and pledges. We hope to reach both goals by the end of 2018.

How is this Initiative different from the Stewardship Campaign? 

The Annual Stewardship Campaign is the congregation’s opportunity to support the day-to-day operations   and ministries of the Church. It is our first duty to support this effort, composed of our pledges and             Sunday offerings.

Is this a capital campaign? 

No. A capital campaign is a project-specific fundraising effort for a large, one-time need. Most often, a capital campaign raises money for building projects, capital improvements, or infrastructure (such as computers, sound systems, or remodeling). 

do I give to Commitment 2018 and Beyond

When you are ready, we have a simple Pledge Form specifically for this initiative. On it, you can indicate your support for both the Solomon Endowment and the Joseph Fund. Gifts can be paid immediately to the Church, pledged, or planned. Pledges may be paid over three years. 

In addition, we have Commitment Form specifically for planned gifts to the Solomon Endowment. Our trained volunteers can walk you through the process. 

Documents that may be helpful include our Ways to Give brochure, Investment and Spending Policy, and Gift Acceptance Policies and Guidelines. 
To receive a copy please call Joe Hammer, Initiative Coordinator, at (740)587-0178, ext. 33, or email to jhammer@granpres.org.

How do I think about my total giving? 

We suggest that you make your annual stewardship pledge first; it is the backbone of the Church’s finances and allows us to pay the day-to-day costs of ministry and operations. Next, consider the importance of this Church community to you and your family, the investments that congregants have made in the Church for the last 150 years, and how you can help build endowment and reserves that will provide for FPC now—and in the future.

How are decisions being made about how the money will be spent? 

Our new Investment and Spending Policy is very specific about how the money will be disbursed. If you’d like to see the full Policy, please call Joe Hammer (740/587-0178) for a copy. In the simplest terms, the annual draw from the Solomon Endowment is currently set at 4%. The annual draw from the Joseph Fund can be up to 15%.

How long will the Commitment 2018 and Beyond initiative last? 

We hope to meet the initial goals of $2 million in commitments to the Solomon Endowment and $750,000 to the Joseph Fund by the end of 2018. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the Commitment 2018 and Beyond initiative is just the beginning for these new sources of funding for the Church. 

Beginning in 2019, and well into the future, we expect gifts to the Solomon Endowment and Joseph Fund to become “standard operating procedure” as funding sources for our beloved First Presbyterian Church of Granville. That’s the “and Beyond” part!

Still have questions?

Leave a message for Tom Martin at the Church office, (740)587-0178,
or send a confidential email to him at tmartin@granpres.org.