We want to protect and continue what is so special; we want generations yet to come to be part of this momentum. God is not done with us yet.
— FPC member
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We are proud to introduce Commitment 2018 and Beyond, an initiative to build endowment and reserves for First Presbyterian Church of Granville. Our Church is a precious place with a rich history as a welcoming and inclusive community. We have a thriving and dedicated congregation, actively and generously participating in worship, music, mission, and ministry. At the same time, however, our annual stewardship alone is not enough to support all that our Church family and facility deserve. The time is right for us to take our Church’s future firmly in hand.

Commitment 2018 and Beyond introduces two tangible ways for our congregation to make this Church a priority and provide for its long-term well being: the Solomon Endowment and the Joseph Fund.

The Solomon Endowment is a permanent endowment. It will be funded by donor-restricted gifts, primarily estate/will bequests. The principal will be invested and always kept intact; only the income will be used by the Church. The initial goal of the Solomon Endowment is $2 million in gifts and planned gift commitments(estate/will designations).

The Joseph Fund is a reserve “savings account” for the Church. It will be used to pay for major upkeep or unexpected opportunities that fall outside the normal operating budget provided by annual stewardship.As it is spent, it will be replenishedby additional gifts from donors.The Joseph Fund target is $750,000.

The Solomon Endowment and the Joseph Fund are financial opportunities that help ensure future generations continue to inherit a thriving spiritual home at Granville Presbyterian. They are incremental to annual stewardship; in no way are they meant to replace our financial commitment to maintaining the day-to-day operations and ministry of the Church.

This graphic provides a snapshot of the Church’s sources of funding:

Do your part to ensure our financial future.We hope to reach both initial goals within the next 18 months through gifts, pledges, and planned gift commitments. Joseph Fund pledges may be paid over three years. Our planned giving program will enable additions to the Solomon Endowment long into the future.

If you have questions, please contact Tom Martin, Elder for Commitment 2018 & Beyond
at (740)809-2206, or email to tmartin@granpres.org.