Jesus Healing on Sabbath

Keeping Sabbath for the World

Keeping Sabbath for the World

I don’t want to suggest that honoring the Sabbath is optional; it’s not. It’s core to our faith. I’m just suggesting that we widen the view of what Sabbath is for. It’s for our own rest and restoration, of course. It’s for worshiping God, coming into God’s presence with singing. 

But part of what happens when we do that – when we come here – when we worship - is that we get out of the weeds of our own lives and look up. We see what God is up to in this world. We notice the ones standing next to us, the ones who are carrying burdens we might help lighten. We remember what the world is supposed to be like, what God wants for creation. We remember who God is, and who we are.

And then – I hope - we go out a little differently. A little lighter, maybe, ourselves, with our burdens lifted by prayer. And a little clearer about what the rest of the week is for. 

It’s not about serving our own interests. It’s about being light in the world – God’s light, in the world God loves