Matthew 18:10-14

What Do You Say to the People Who’ve Left?

What Do You Say to the People Who’ve Left?

If we wander away, Jesus will come to find us. He will make sure we’re safe. He just wants us back. 

It’s a beautiful image of Christ. Really it is. But how does that translate to our world? What does that actually look like? How does Jesus seek out the lost?

It’s a question close to every minister’s heart; a question every church has to wrestle with. What do you do when members of the flock have wandered off? It happens with great frequency. You notice that people who were once very active are coming to church less and less often…  Folks who joined the church with great enthusiasm simply stop coming…  Someone drops out of choir or goes off session and you hardly ever see them anymore. 

How much do you pursue them? When do you reach out? What are you supposed to say? And how much time should you spend trying to track them down when there are 99 more people who need your time and energy?