When the Day of Pentecost Had Come

When the Day of Pentecost Had Come

But let’s not forget, the Spirit required something of the disciples, too. Actually, it required a lot. Courage. Open-heartedness. Trust. The willingness to form a whole new community - and take responsibility for it. The willingness to be part of a movement that would have a life of its own – and to sacrifice everything they had for it. might be crazy enough to work might be crazy enough to work

I won’t pretend to know how the Spirit is moving here today. I don’t know what windmills God has given you the vision to see, what giants you are called to conquer in order to make our community and world more just.
But here is what I do know:

God is not done with the world, and God is not done with us. No matter how bold, how audacious, how crazy and impossible it may seem.. God’s vision for the world is clear.

Giants will be confronted and conquered, New Life and resurrection will be preached and brought to our neighborhood, our village, our county, our state, our country, and to the ends of the earth.

The question is,
If this is God’s vision for us
Are we willing to appear to the world as though we are drunk?

Are we willing to be seen as crazy enough to follow the spirit, 

bold enough to dream God’s impossible dreams courageous enough to charge against giants?
I surely hope so... Because this is our Pentecost calling...

Preparing the Fire

Preparing the Fire

May we all find the right environment for the Spirit to blow, and for the energy and fire to take hold in your life. 
May we all do the work to arrange our lives around Christ’s love, hope, and new life. 
May we find the right environment for lives to be changed, for Christ’s resurrection to be heard, and lived out and spread.
And May the Spirit always move here and so hearts will always be set on fire.

The Spirit Gives Us Courage

The Spirit Gives Us Courage

But the Spirit gives us courage… And I find no small comfort there. The Spirit gives us courage to follow, one step after another, where God is leading us… 

It doesn’t mean we’ll never make mistakes or stupid choices. Of course we will. It doesn’t mean we’ll be crystal clear about next steps; there will be times we are confused. But it does mean we’re not alone in this. We have guidance, from God and from each other. And through our faith we know the big picture of what God values most. 

We don’t have to pretend that we always know what we’re doing, or summon courage on our own. We don’t have to fake bravery or confidence. Christ will give us his own Spirit to fill that void. And we can trust that it will always be there for us. 

There’s no need to be afraid of what the future holds. Not because it will be easy or kind to us.

In a broken and fearful world, the Spirit gives us courage…