philippians 2:1-11

I Love You; Grow Up

I Love You; Grow Up

I think that’s a lot like what Paul was trying to tell the Philippians, what God is trying to tell us in this scripture. Success is not about all the credentials, about pedigree, about accomplishments; in fact, all of that is worthless compared to what really matters. Knowing Christ, living in him, being like him. 

What matters most, a wise soul once said, is “how well and gracefully you are able to give and receive love.” 

You just can’t do that if your own life is the center of your universe. You can’t. You won’t find it if the only path you’re following is your own. You just won’t. If all you believe in is yourself, well, that’s just lonely. Incredibly lonely. 

We need to know we are loved – every child needs that –unconditionally and completely – just as we are. But that’s just the starting place. God has so much more in store for us than that. God has a path towards life – a mature, full, rich life – where we can be truly great – by loving as Christ has loved us.