Small groups are an intentional gathering outside of the church in order to foster deeper connections through bible study, reflection, and life study and reflection. Groups are typically 10-12 people, and last around 6-8 weeks.


Embrace ministries characterized by small groups and opportunities for fellowship, study, prayer, and reflection that principally take place outside our church.

We are blessed with a beautiful church. However, a truth we lift up is that the Gospel cannot be trapped inside a building. Now, more than ever, our church should think creatively about ways small groups might meet outside the conventional hours of Sunday worship and outside the church might provide opportunities for members to engage their faith more deeply and to cultivate lasting, authentic relationships with God and one another.

In 2015 we began to live out this calling with two 6 week sessions of small groups that centered on scripture and helped foster deeper connections within the church. If you are interested in joining a small group reach out to John Weigand.

Past Small Group Manuals: