All the fabulous things—the sanctuary, the organ, the stained glass—have been done by previous generations. It’s our turn, our gift to coming generations. We all want the people who follow to have the experience we’re having.
— FPC member

Solomon is a perfect namesake for our Endowment. He was a great Old Testament king known for his wisdom. He built a temple in Jerusalem that lasted for hundreds of years and became a center of Jewish faith.

Similarly, the Solomon Endowment will provide both long-term preservation of principal and a predictable source of annual income.

The Solomon Endowment
includes five possible designations:

General Endowment
to help underwrite the congregation’s support for Church operations as directed by FPC Session

Mission Endowment
for mission giving to ministries within and beyond the congregation

Building and Grounds Endowment
for the maintenance and renewal of the Church building and grounds

Education and Faith Formation Endowment
for educational programs and ministries for congregants and community members

Worship and Arts Endowment
to support the worship, music, and other Arts of First Presbyterian Church

The Solomon Endowment is a permanent endowment, funded by donor-restricted gifts. Gifts may be given outright, such as securities or other accumulated assets, or planned, primarily through estate/will bequests. See our Ways to Give brochure for details.

All gifts to the Solomon Fund are maintained as principal and invested to provide a permanent source of income. Only the investment income is used by the Church.The annual draw from the Solomon Endowment, currently 4%, supports the annual operating budget of the Church.The Finance Office of the Church tracks the assets in the Solomon Endowment to ensure income associated with each of the five designations is properly spent.See our FPC Investment and Spending Policy for details.

The initial goal of the Solomon Endowment is $2 million in gifts and planned gift commitments.

How to designate a planned gift to the Solomon Endowment

Our trained volunteers can help you through the process of designating a gift to the Solomon Endowment.We also recommend you consult your own legal and financial advisors.When you are ready, you will be asked to complete a Pledge Form. For planned gifts, you will also be asked to complete a Commitment Form.

Other documents that may be helpful include our Gift Acceptance Policies and Guidelines. To receive a copy please call Joe Hammer, Coordinator, Commitment 2018 and Beyond,
at (740)587-0178, ext. 33, or email to

If you have questions, please call Tom Martin, Chair, Commitment 2018 and Beyond,
at (740)809-2206, or send a confidential email to