We are the First Presbyterian Church of Granville and
we are called by our baptism to minister in the name of Jesus Christ;

To provide a deep sense of home that is warm, welcoming and accepting, 
witnessing to the presence of God’s Kingdom in our world;

To welcome diversity as a full expression of the completeness of God’s family, 
seeing Christ in the face of others;

To provide for worship that is an authentic expression of our gratitude to God, 
for grace unimaginable and love unconditional, sacramentally living into the
mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ;

To provide for the nurture of all God’s people, of every age, into faithful discipleship;

To be God’s heart, hands and voice as we engage in mission locally, nationally and globally, 
to further God’s peace and justice in the world, fulfilling Jesus’ command for us to love the other, the outcast and the afflicted;

To listen for God’s call in the midst of our lives, using the gifts God has given us
as we respond in faith to build up the Body of Christ.

Seeing Christ in the face of others
— Mission Statement, First Presbyterian Church