First Presbyterian Church of Granville is a christian congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and located in the Presbytery of Scioto Valley.

We are one of the oldest churches in our village, but are continually refreshed with new energy and passion as we discern the Spirit's movement in our community. We embrace our heritage and tradition and yet we are a community where all are truly welcome, and where we welcome change. 

We are disciples who are approachable, down-to-earth, family-friendly, and genuine in who we are. And together, as a community, we strive to learn God's calling in our worship, fellowship, and service so that our lives outside of this building can grow deeper in, and closer to Christ.

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The First Presbyterian Church of Granville is one of the oldest churches in Ohio. The founding settlers of Granville organized a church before they left Granville, Massachusetts, in 1805. They chose to move onward in search of something more, something better. Their covenant acknowledged a shared journey. Their first tasks on arrival were to build a meeting house and to find a minister. Inspired by the Second Great Awakening, these settlers saw themselves as part of a great missionary movement. This spirit has shaped the history of the church and the village since the founding.

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The Foundations of Presbyterian Discipleship