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The mission of the "Adult Christian Education"  is to provide a forum for participants to explore books of the Bible or discuss topical, current issues in a supportive, Christian environment. We value diversity of opinion and thought, and look forward to evolving with the input of regular participants. Classes vary in topic and duration throughout the program year.

We offer two open and continuing classes each Sunday during the program (September-May). 
Everyone is welcome to attend these classes.

Families in Faith
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This group explores and discusses the joys and challenges of raising a family in an increasingly complex world. We meet on the first floor under the sanctuary in the West Lounge.

Prism Discussion Group
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The Prism Group seeks to focus the collective wisdom, opinions and energy of the participants to address a spectrum of current events, controversial issues, and concepts posed in the news or in the preceding week's sermon. This class meets on the first floor under the sanctuary in the John Calvin Chapel.