Deacon Parish Care

In addition to the care offered by our pastoral staff, we provide a network of support programs through which we care with and for each other.

Prayer chain

Contact: Jennie Richards

Members of the prayer chain participate in this activity. When a request is received, it is sent to a phone or e-mail list and prayers are offered for the person in need. Requests are made by calling directly or using the blue prayer request forms in the pews.

Care Facility Visits

Contact: Sharon Smith

Members and friends in care facilities receive weekly visits from members of Deacon Parish Care. Teams are assigned different weeks and a small gift, plant, or treat is brought once a month. Flowers and cookies are delivered during Christmas and Easter. 

Traveling Communion

Contact: Ryan Laymon

Each month, communion is brought to nursing facilities by teams of ordained Elders and Deacons. Communion is also provided on the third Wednesday each month at Middleton Village with our Parish Associate

Meal Train 

Contact: Sharon Smith

Meals are taken to members of our church family who need help on a short-term basis (following surgery, new mothers, death in family, etc. 

Quilting and Crafts

Contact: Marcy Loats

Quilts are made for babies at their baptisms and members of our church family who need to be wrapped in a warm hug. We meet Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. until noon. Everyone is welcome. 

Receptions for Memorial Services 

Contact: Beth Hall, Barb Martin, and Jan Weigand

Receptions following services are planned, organized and served.

Coffee Hour Fellowship

Contact: Janine Flood

Each Sunday we offer coffee and light refreshments in Heritage Hall between and after the services for a time of fellowship.

First Presbyterian Church, 110 W Broadway, Granville, OH, 43023 740-587-0178

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